Gaining Flexibility and Agility in the Workforce

The explosive growth of ecommerce and the complexity of omnichannel distribution
have created new and formidable challenges for the logistics industry. In recent years,
logistics companies have invested in various types of technology to help them keep pace
with emerging market trends and maintain a competitive edge. Technology solutions
— from shipping and tracking systems to RFID and robots to warehouse management
systems — have helped these organisations control costs, improve productivity, and
deliver superior service to customers.

Having successfully leveraged automation to achieve new levels of operational efficiency,
logistics companies are now turning to technology to better understand and optimise
their most valuable resource: their employees. This white paper discusses the crucial
role that people play in the supply chain, presents strategies for building flexibility and
agility into the workforce, and explores how metrics and data-driven insights can help
organisations optimise the workforce for better business outcomes.

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Gaining Flexibility and Agility Report 2017

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