Consolidated By-Laws


WHEREAS the Institution of Transport was founded in London, England in 1919 and received its Royal Charter in 1926, becoming The Chartered Institute of Transport;

AND WHEREAS the objects of the Institute are to promote, encourage and coordinate the study and advancement of the science and art of transportation and logistics in all its branches;

AND WHEREAS the name of the Institute was changed in the year 2001 to The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport;

AND WHEREAS it is desirable to consolidate the by-laws for the Malta Section Council of the Institute in the pursuit of the same objects and goals as those of the international organisation based in London, England;

NOW THEREFORE the members of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Malta, are pleased to enact the herein consolidated by-laws.

 documents CILT Malta Consolidated Bylaws 2014 (Adobe PDF)